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But the most important task is to find the cause of Clarinex, because further treatment will depend on it. At the beginning, dopplerography of the vessels is carried out in order to find out whether the blood supply is disturbed. Then you need to take a blood test for cholesterol levels in the blood and its clotting.

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Also, if necessary, tests for the presence of infectious diseases are carried out. Since one of the main causes of the disease is blood pressure jumps, it is necessary to constantly measure it throughout the day in order to assess how dangerous it is. After all the results obtained, the doctor assesses the situation and prescribes treatment. If the treatment of Desloratadine pills 2 dyscirculatory encephalopathy is not started on time, it will develop into a more severe third form of the disease. How to avoid it?

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For an arachnoid cyst, the following complications may be characteristic: neurological disorders. They manifest themselves in the malfunctioning of clarinex of the motor system, accompanied by a loss of sensitivity. Convulsions, epileptic seizures, which are accompanied by involuntary movement of the limbs and loss of consciousness.

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If you have consulted a doctorfor a consultation at the first symptoms, you start treatment and follow all the advice, then the prognosis will be very optimistic, otherwise, regardless of your desire, sooner or later the negative consequences will make themselves felt.

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Neurosurgical operation is one of the most traumatic methods of Desloratadine treatment, therefore it is the least popular. This is due to the fact that not only the formation is removed, but also all nearby tissues, which leads to a long rehabilitation process.

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This type of operation consists in the fact that the shunt is inserted into the cyst, and the fluid is removed through a special channel. But the disadvantage of this method is that the channel can become clogged, and this will lead to a deterioration in the patient's condition.


It is the most modern and safe method of cyst treatment. This is due to the fact that the risk of complications is reduced and the level of injuries is much less than with other operations.


If the formation begins to increase in size and the symptoms become pronounced, then surgical intervention is necessary. So the main prerequisites for this are: increase in intracranial pressure; hemorrhage in the brain; psychical deviations; convulsions, epileptic seizures; when there is a high risk of cyst rupture.


As for drug treatment, it is prescribed in the absence of symptoms of the disease and such drugs include: antiviral drugs; immunomodulators; drugs that improve blood circulation; taking medications that can dissolve adhesions.


If the cyst is small and does not grow, then surgery is not required. A simple examination and compliance with the doctor's recommendations will be enough.


The choice of treatment for an arachnoid cyst of the brain primarily depends on the cause and the results of the studies.